rocky movie

Bruce Lee Was Chinese, i mean Kung fu you know. and rocky was a boxer. Even though im a KarateKa, it doesnt matter who i follow. who has the spirit is the role model. and theres no limitations on having several role models! wow i wrote a fuking great passage again!
How Bruce lee deals with shity stuff, no matter when he fights or he thinks or he make angry gesture he is inspiring to me. now i see ROCKY WorksOut so hard to get the shit in the fit, he has problems but the problems can beat the shit out of him and he punch them like The fuking meat… thats what i need… thats who i am…
Man This Movie changed my mood. thats so perfect. and i text my friend @Samuel “I tell you what bro, i aint make you execise sports. cuz first i gotta beat my lazy ass in to workout” thats no lie you know. you got thing you do the thing. dont talk people to join it or get into it. just do the shit and then consider, hell, you dont even do that and keep on doin the shit. theres no limit. when you’re up up high then you let it go for a short while you loose it for a long time or maybe forever. you know what im saying? i mean like when you pray regularly, one day you dont, then poof! its over! been months and you aint do nothing.
ok @Samuel im so moody, you know. like moody my style. i dont need no bruce lee to get started. but hell i know how to fix my self with cool stuff like rocky movies! Its just all in your mind, you wanna be happy so you be! doesnt work like that always, unless you work on it.
I mean its like that, if you’re a fighter, you’re a fighter. its not only in the ring. its in you when you sleep or when you eat or any thing. stay fresh and motivated. not easy. i now how its like waking up like: hhh… now lets wash up and go school or work or neither sleep untill noon. internet and all that shit. no, not again. i was so damn fit last year new year’s holidays. so dont tell me thats stupid to be so locked on your aim, dont tell me cuz i just dont give a fuck. you’re a good friend, but you aint understand this shit.
I get to loose in our Karate Gym several times. but that became experience. theres nothing such as loose or win, untill you see how much you are motivated and trained for the shit.
Well… the movie is over. seemed a regular movie at first. but turns out it was epic and the epic wasnt just in the final minutes of them movie but the whole time!
-Mostafa Em

Nelly 6 o 8 on Youtube!

After Good views on BIKHIAL track i now promote nelly 6 o 8 track on youtube!

Tomorrow i may upload AIRPORT or FKIN Rave! on Youtube!

Because needs Premium Account to upload more music, so i decided to become a youtuber officially! its free and the analytics are hell way better! PEACE…

- Mostafa ” Emgiem ” Casabanii

MostafaEmgiem – DobbieWa!

cover - doobiewa

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So After My Friend ” MaeScott ” Released Her Doobie song i decided to try sampling her voice and thanks to SamuelEsiet who teach me some new FL studio techniques i produced DOBBIEWA song and its not that bad!