Snoop Doggy, Doggy, Dogg!

Ye in the recent 2 weeks i started to listen to snoop dogg albums. in the past i though he is nothin but a marijuana smoker and slow motion lame pimp rapper who spits blah blahs XD.

i liked Dr.Dre’s “2001” album, and after i discovered about NWA legacy, i wondered snoop had a history with dre. I havent listened to dr dre’s the chronic 92. ive heard nothin but a G thank before and that was boss(no doubt) and get another track from the album to see whats up. that was “F&*k with Dre Day”.

snoop dogg seems cool and funny. so i found doggystyle album. thaaaats like a masterpiece! dr dre sure produced a damn fine album. its even better than the chronic! because i think the chronic is full of early 90s annoying gangsta groovy high pitched synths. but doggystyle is just perfect and releaed a year later on 93.

then “tha doggfather” from 1997, thats like snoop raps more relaxed and i dont know, doggfathery XD. the next album im listenin right now, is “blue treatment carpet”. its 2007. yet it felt like GTA sanandreas all over again! dope and damn goood groovy. but now 90s has gone, even 2000s. i dont know if he keeps da flow on 2010s or what. i gotta listen to the new album.

some of my favourites:

  • aint no fun
  • whats my name
  • dre day